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Oshi snuck this one in there last night ... surprise! Like we wouldn't see this or something! This young London producer is something quite special - and his set at our SXSW show last month (see photo below) was awesome! We also got to talk some shit and giggle together, oh the drama! Sweet little angel, this kid is the next thing ... calling it! Oshi's new track Vacant is filled with all the future goodness .... swooning!!  


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We are super excited to welcome our new homies Closed Sessions out of DC and NYC to our SXSW 2016 party GET BUZZZED! Closed Sessions are kinda killing the independent live game in their city, and this new friendship has got us feeling some kind of way!  Together we have stacked a bill for your Saturday in Austin that's full of the freshest future bass and hip-hop feels .... this is such fire! Remember to RSVP for entry! 


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Just a few days ago I had the pleasure of finally meeting and hanging with StéLouse - he rolled into town to play a Super Bowl party that he actually ended up not playing - it's a long story! None the less we had a great night with a fancy dinner, told funny stories that made us giggle, and I impressed him with my aggressive female driving + parking!  We even made up a new StéLouse track all DJ Khaled style, and I'm telling you - it's gonna be a hit!  It seems like we've been talking about StéLouse quite a bit these days - because everything he puts down is bananas good, and he even made our Best Of 2015 list!  We just included this Denver producer in our Phase One artist announcement for our SXSW show Get Buzzzed, so this new Buzzzmix Vol. 21 has great timing!  StéLouse kept it short but super sweet - his song selection is so on point with all the future feels - so much fire!  Might even be some unreleased tracks mixed in there ..... oh snap!  And (yes it gets better) he's currently on a US tour that Beautiful Buzzz is supporting with the ultimate homie Prince Fox - and you can check to see if they are hitting your city HERE!  So many things, so much good, so much love! 

1. Losi - Friend
2. Adam K & Slander - Breathe (ARMNHMR X MYRNE Remix)
3. Rustie - Big Catz (Porter Robinson Live Edit)
4. Graves & Tails - Vega
5. Oshi - Oceans
6. Medasin - Silver
7. Rozes - R U MINE (SteLouse Remix)
8. Airwav & Eschway - Quantum
9. SteLouse - 4U
10. Sober Rob & lux.impala - Nativity
11. Sober Rob & MYRNE - Shrine
12. Louis The Child - It’s Strange (Hex Cougar Remix)
13. Porter Robinson - Sad Machine
14. ID
15. Steve James - Renaissance (Kid Remix)
16 ID


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Anyone else feel like they've hit a wall with everything today?  I have an extreme case of the Mondays .... I'm kinda over it and ready to pull up Nexflix for some serious zoning out!  Not in the cards for me however, I still have hours of work looming ... stupid Mondays!  Let's kick things into gear with this new track "Pink" from Oshi - 17 year old London producer who's crushing!  Just under 3 minutes of serious vibes -- let the bass drop, it will get you moving immediately! You can grab a free download HERE


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Get some of that afternoon delight .... it's sexy time with Oshi!  This young London producer has caught our ear and we are way into these feels!  Take a break from your uber crazy day and get into this one kids!  Oshi has that smooth future vibes sound that has the ability to make your toes curl .... mmmmm so good!  This teenage producer has all the right moves, including this free download HERE


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I'm about to take off for SoCal this weekend, and I'm not sure I will have much time for blogging! Sometimes your girl needs a break from the Beautiful Buzzz grind! So, here is a Thursday edition of The Buzzz Box to keep you kiddies busy listening to new music over the weekend!  This one is dance-a-rific too, featuring artists like RAC, Mighty Mouse, Lifelike, Wax Motif, Oshi, Louis The Child + many many many more!!  Listen and love!