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Sometimes a song can instantly give you all the delicious feels, and this new track “We Were Young ft. JP Cooper” by Petit Biscuit has just delivered! I’ll tell you something … this bouncy feel good vibe is everything I need at this moment. Work has not been fun, so today I am finding some happiness through listening to music. This French producer hands us a song about young love, so sweet and precious mixed in with future pop beats and tender vocals … makes me want to be young and in love again! Get into this one kids!



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Need a little chill #mondaymotivation? This Tuesday is more like a Monday for most after the holiday weekend here in the US. This new track from artist/producer ARIZA is as relaxing as it is relatable. Entirely written, recorded, and produced by the Colombian-born, LA-based musician, “Keep On” is minimally produced, but manages to say a lot about the artist. Describing the inspiration behind “Keep On,” ARIZA expressed how the song is “one of the most personal tracks to describe a musician’s life in LA. The constant ups and downs. The ego checks. The emotional and existential turmoil experienced. It’s an honest look towards getting over hurdles and continuing to improve within the craft.”

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The Australian crooner stole our hearts earlier this year with his debut release “Hotel Room” and now, Blake Rose is back with “Best of Me.” This single is his most personal work yet, having written and produced everything himself. Everything from his vocals down to the riveting piano melodies fits the message behind “Best of Me.” The track itself is reflective of his own experiences of dealing with someone that is hounded by the darkness of drug addiction.

The alt-pop singer and songwriter is certainly on the up and up, with tons of features on official Spotify playlists and millions of plays across the spectrum. Listen to “Best of Me” now!

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The always charming duo Papa Ya reemerges after a year-long hiatus to drop their latest single, “Yesterday.” Their innate charisma is apparent here, as the track boasts a witty production with effervescent vocals. An infectious rhythm glides seamlessly across a cinematic kick that anchors the single in a magnetic atmosphere. A breezy triumph, “Yesterday” is an easy listen, suitable for any listening experience. Its radiant nature is compelling and inspiring. There’s something unapologetic about this LA duo that is playfully seductive, and wildly enthralling. Check out the return of Papa Ya today.



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Capitalizing on a slew of brilliant successes, AJ Salvatore, who continues to explode into a powerhouse act, returns with “Breathe” featuring Kristina Maria. A slew of electronic influences come together to create a single stunning outline. Sharp synths, lengthy chords, and soulful vocals dipped in honey re-define electronic-pop. Salvatore has been experimenting with new sounds and different styles on his recent releases, solidifying his place as one of the most versatile and dynamic young producers in the game right now. “Breathe” boasts an effortless glow, lighting up the senses through adventurous melodies and daring transitions. Tune in with us.



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Laxcity is well on his way to becoming 2019’s best new electronic producer. At the heels of his wildly successful Catharsis LP, the acclaimed musician returns with “Just Try” with captivating vocalist EMIA. A glowing feat, “Just Try” stands at the apex of electro-pop while avoiding mainstream cliches. An r&b-esque vocal rhythm collides with meticulous sound design and lush electronic licks. Tried and true, Laxcity continues to leave listeners hungry for more of his innovative sound. Listen to “Just Try” now.

Disclaimer: Laxcity is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Hunter Thompson

Disclaimer: Laxcity is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Hunter Thompson


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Making their shimmering debut into the electro-pop atmosphere, Malaysian ensemble MFMF. combines the musical efforts of KUIZZ, and Spuds. This trio comes together in a formidable fashion on their single, “Flashes.” Rising Maly vocalist Bil Musa blesses the optimistic production with crisp, feminine vocals that help define the track as a whole. This effervescent cut is ripe with neon resonance, awakening all of the senses. An element all its own, this collaboration is a stunning debut, leaving listeners eager for more from the three-piece visionaries. Watch this space.



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Despite being relatively new to the mainstream music scene, the future of pop fusion is in good hands via Spazz Cardigan. His latest unveiling, the lead single to his forthcoming EP, “S.O.S.” is Spazz at his best. Blending electro-pop with formidable indie cadences, this outline of sounds is a full bodied triumph. Wholly immersive, “S.O.S.” is an invigorating joint, boasting a wide range of colliding genres. Watch this space for more from the spunky as hell pop player.



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Ruuth is a new name to the blog, but we’ve had backyard pool party hangs so we’re pretty much homies by now. She hails from a small island off the north coast of Germany, near Denmark, but was in Los Angeles recently for sessions with writers/producers (the likes of Emmit Fenn, Graham Candy, Younotus, Em Basa, and several other acts). 

“So Heavy” is only her second original solo release, following “All About”, her impressive debut single. With it, she continues to establish her forward-thinking lightweight electropop sound, characterized by catchy, lilting, bouncy melodies and percussive, minimal production. Lyrically, she speaks on the seriousness of a toxic relationship, “Why does it have to be so heavy? Why do we drag each other down?” Ruuth tells a compelling story through her uniquely sweet and airy vocal approach coupled with relatable lyrics and memorable melodies. We’ll be keeping a close eye on her as she continues to share more foot-tappingly terrific tunes.

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