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Born from struggle and hardship, Auckland-hustling rapper Saint Lane is steadily carving out his own atmosphere in the hip-hop scene. Resurrecting an often over saturated sound, “Zip Code” is a hypnotic take on contemporary rap. An audible symbol of Basquiat, this joint is ripe with rhythm, saturated with dope flow and syrupy transitions- whistling tones penetrate the rolling drum beat that define its very nature. Saint Lane’s vocal tenor is approachable yet outstanding, breathing a new life into modern hip-hop. Conjuring up a nasty yet melodic track, “Zip Code” is both a party anthem, and a smoke session necessity. Listen to the movement.



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Channeling hypnotic, gangter-esque frequencies, Rain Main (formerly of Krewella) unveils “Mirage” featuring BLI. A unique take on hip-hop and rap, “Mirage” is a collage of echoing soundscapes that illuminate animated, bold rhymes. Rich, looming melodies drip into subtle spaces of vibrancy and zest. With this distinguished unveiling, Rain Man proves that his dexterity extends beyond the horizons of Krewella. Personifying the sounds of a well rolled blunt, “Mirage” is a phat beat with moving parts made of swagger and kick. Tune in.



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After a slew of successful tour runs, hit singles, and mass recognition, TH3RD BRAIN’s freshest signees Thutmose and NoMBe have teamed up to drop their rock-fusion single, “Run Wild.” Upbeat and out-of-the-box, this dynamic framework of sounds and space was picked up as the official anthem for the FIFA 2018 World Cup Trailer. Combining two polar, yet amicable genres, “Run Wild” yields thunderous rock cadences courtesy of the pop-rock prodigy NoMBe, while simultaneously manipulating Thut’s high-energy verses as the track unfolds. Both Thutmose and NoMBe are revered for their humble, kind, and open energy that directly translates into their craft. Their close colleague-ship worked in harmony on “Run Wild,” as their synchronicity never skips a beat. Both Thutmose and NoMBe have solidified themselves as 2018’s most exciting artists to watch. Dripping with a signature swagger, “Run Wild” is on its way to becoming a classic.



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Bred in the live music capital of the world, Bronze Whale of Austin, TX has solidified their come-up in recent months with their future synth aromas, and formidable chemistry. The duo's artistic vision is restless, ever-expanding. Their latest unveiling, "High" combines electrifying waves of synth production with brooding hip-hop verses from a second Austin duo, 5-D. With a rounded out synergy, "High" is a lightening-in-a-bottle track with a cosmic resonance that expands BW's musical reach and highlights the depth of their dexterity. Drawing inspiration from their city, the track echoes with individuality giving birth to a new-age sound of dance music and rap. "High" is rich in energy- an atmospheric expulsion of colorful, audible waves booming with syrupy production and finely tuned bars. Volume up.

Disclosure: Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh



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Ah, what a wonderful week it has been here in Colorado. The air is starting to cool and the once green landscape is now slowly turning into bright yellows, reds, and oranges, to announce that fall is indeed here.  Which leaves us with the perfect time to dig into some new music for the season. Building upon his successful releases “Left You” and “Aquimini”, Maesu is back with his smooth 7 track debut deSerVe EP. After taking some time to go through all of it, I was rather impressed with the body of work, but caught myself playing one track on repeat. “OG” comes as the third track on the EP and man oh man is it good. It features a minimalistic beat with sultry percussion which perfectly compliments Maesu’s voice and allows it to float perfectly atop. With such a exceptional sound and unique style, the future is looking bright for this promising artist.



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LA-based artist management group, TH3RD BRAIN houses relations for artists like ZHU, Krewella, and Gallant- noteworthy acts to say the least. But, the collective brakes for musicians who are still on the come up as well. TH3RD BRAIN's latest addition is Thutmose, the Nigerian-born, NYC-living hustler who is blazing trails for the entire community of not only hip-hop, but the world of art entirely. His latest track, "Blame" is a bump that is platinum-worthy- capitalizing on a mainstream, hip-hop cadence while remaining novel and distinct. Combining production fit for the world of dance music, and seductive, rhythmic rhymes, "Blame" chews you up and spits you out, fiercely. His presence is dominating, and certain. The world of rap goes to the beat of its own drum, as high-profile rappers are redefining it's aesthetic and sound every moment, of every day. But leaving a legacy in that community is challenging. Thutmose, on the other hand, is humbly taking the throne as one of the best young rappers in the game right now. He uses bold production, and delivers lines clearly, and consciously. "Blame" is only a stepping stone in what will be a long career for the rapper- watch this space. 


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Let us introduce you to one of LA's up-and-coming Hip-hop stud Tate Tucker with his newest jam "Just Wanna." The track strikes a slick balance between being smooth as hell, while somehow remaining hype. Tate's feel good verses, falsettos and croons should put a smirk on your face, while the back beat has a certain innocence to it with the bells and active percussion. Tate also just released a dope video for the tune that shows off his inner Hugh Hefner. Sportin' circle glasses and a robe, Tucker's making the rap game seem easy and that's readily apparent when you hit play. This track is a single coming from his "All In" EP due in November. However, you can nab this single as a free download here

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Chicago's Owen Bones doesn't have that large of a catalogue yet, but we're picturing big things ahead for this upstart rapper. Owen first came across my radar with his track "Stuntman (feat. Kevin Abstract & Mick Jenkins" a few months ago. When I saw his new single "Mach One" featuring Tunji Ige and another one of our BB faves lil aaron I figured something tight was about to drop. To my delight what I got was a fun, weekend ready single that's smooth and full of energy. On top of that he's got a pretty cool website where you can get links to download/stream this single. Looks like we'll be seeing a lot more in the future from this camp.

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I think Titus may have written this jam about me, because yea man .... I really really like falling in love with the wrong ones, and definitely always want the time of my life. He just gets me! We've been big supporters of this New Jersey rapper, and this past year he's dropped some of our favorite flips and vocal edits - all totally delicious of course! "Wrong Ones" produced by Myles William is the first original track from yung Titus - pretty exciting! Big future bass and super smooth vocals - it's my new fave! Swoop this one from iTunes HERE