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I've got a fun one for you right here from mashup king Kap Slap. Now normally we don't usually post mashups, but this combo of tunes really tickled my fancy. Let's run down the list of tunes featured in this one: "Heathens" from Twenty One Pilots, Skrillex and Rick Ross' "Purple Lamborghini", Martin Garrix's and Bebe Rexha's "In The Name Of Love", Ookay's "Thief", TroyBoi and GrandTheft's "Sneaky", and last but certainly not least Jaykode and Party Theive's epic trap tune "Origin". Phew! lot to go through oh and did I mention that the tune has a ridiculously cool mashup music video as well? Go peep that over on proximity here. You can also nab this as a free download here.


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We are so pleased to be releasing the first BUZZZMIX of 2016, and this one is pure fire!  Recently we've been getting to know this fresh Canadian electronic house duo Young Bombs, and gotta say we are definitely picking up everything they are putting down!  It started with chatter from their US agent about live shows. and then I began listening to their savory tracks more often, and finally a few months ago they released a remix of "Ocean" by Coasts that totally blew my hair back!  I had to have more Young Bombs ... and I got it!  This new BUZZZMIX is funky deep house disco heaven,  with a ton of edgy vibes and so many lively feels, perfect for any weekend dance party!  The first track is that "Ocean" remix I was talking about, and sets the vibrant tone throughout!  Get into Young Bombs immediately - grab a free download of BUZZZMIX VOL. 19 HERE

1. Coasts - Oceans (Young Bombs Remix)
2. Oliver Heldens & Throttle - Waiting
3. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (DAZZ 2k15 Remix)
4. Sleepy Tom - I Want Your Soul
5. Disclosure ft. Lorde - Magnets (A-Trak Remix)
6. EVVY - Tidal Wave (Young Bombs Remix)
7. Radical Something - Paradise In You (Young Bombs Remix)
8. Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Manila Killa & Kidwaste Cover)
9. Tinashe - Player (Young Bombs Remix) 
10. Hudson Mohawke Vs. Lil Wayne Vs. Rick Ross Vs. Feki Vs. Kendrick Lamar - Chimes Vs. A Mili Vs. Hustlin' Vs. Remember Vs. Poetic Justice (YOUNG BOMBS MASHUP) 
11. The Chainsmokers - New York City (T-Mass & LZRD Remix) 
12. Rozes - Burn Wild (Young Bombs Remix) 
13. Howl - I'm Gone
14. Big WIld Vs. Jay-Z - Aftergold Vs. Public Service Announcement (YOUNG BOMBS MASHUP)’


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We are always pleased to talk about new artists, and recently Joyryde was passed my way for a general overall opinion, and he definitely got the stamp of approval.  As much as I get pitched artists around these parts, some people seem to always hand me quality jams so shout out to management for this one!  Joyryde's latest just dropped - originally started as a collab with Shaquille O'neal, a Rick Ross vocal was used in place and it was so good they just decided to release it - and now we have this bassy hip-hop urban dance track that crushes with all the delicious dirty trap feels! Swoop this up as a free download HERE!