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Our favorite thing to do here at Beautiful Buzzz is expose all you amazing people in the world who actually read this blog to fresh up-and-coming artists we think need to be on your radar. Today's Buzzzmix Vol. 24 does just that! We were recently introduced to PALASTIC from an awesome filous remix they put out a last month.  We are huge filous supporters, and once we found out PALASTIC was also from Vienna making the same kind of super viby jams, we were hooked right away! Vienna is an infamous city of music, creating some of the first rock stars the world has ever known .... like Schubert, Strauss, and Mozart ... pretty impressive!! When you walk down her streets you can feel the energy of these greats resonating throughout ... at least I did! I imagine it's a fantastic place to create music, and it reflects in this carefully curated Buzzzmix.  This duo has captured that feeling of summertime sunsets and late night dancefloor grooves for all the feels! Get to know PALASTIC, it will be the best thing you do all day!  Grab a free download HERE!

filous - Shaded In (PALASTIC Remix)
filous - Dusk
Safia - Embracing Me (Mazde Remix)
Nihils - Not A Man Of Violence (PALASTIC Remix)
Wild Culture Vs. Riley Pearce - Brave
Kytes - On The Run (MOUNT Remix)
Mazde - Spreewaldplatz
Peking Duk feat. Safia - Take Me Over (Benson Remix)
MOUNT & Nicolas Haelg - Something Good
Odesza - Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (Hayden James Remix)
PALASTIC - Don´t Hesitate feat. Rezar (VIP)
filous - Dawn feat. Robb


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My boys.... oh Safia! Last year they stole my heart and I've never been the same since!  Very few bands can pick me us and blow me away like Safia did last October in New York at my CMJ show. I feel like I tell this story a lot - but I don't care .... it was the best live show I had seen in a while, and I sort of got emotional about it -- but that's ok too because we hugged it out and became the best of friends!  They had the same effect over me at SXSW this year, we over packed the room in the rain while they slayed the crowd and then did many many pickle back shots - I love these little muffins very much!  Safia has released their new single "Embracing Me" and it's fab! These sweet sultry vocals are unlike anything, super soulful and absolutely brilliant!  This is electro dance pop at its best, Safia are the shit!  Give them a heart on hypem HERE!