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Some songs grab you on the first listen and others take time to grow on you. For me, this new one by Phiilo definitely falls into the former category, and I’m excited to get to premiere it for you today. The Denver-based live electronic duo is starting to see some tangible success so far in the form of a recent sold-out show supporting Viceroy, a release with MrSuicideSheep that landed on the Spotify Viral charts, and upcoming releases via PRMD Records. 

Their latest “Keep On” is an uplifting soulful future bass groove with all original instrumentation and vocals. The soundscape created isn’t dissimilar from other live electronic acts killing the game now such as Lostboycrow, Opia, or Autograf. Jonny William’s soft weathered vocal trades the spotlight with funky guitar licks, thick synth chords, snappy percussion, and an array of other lush production elements courtesy of Nick Carruth. I’m bumping this one on repeat and I think you will be too after the first play through.


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A few months ago I was introduced to this Boston-based duo and we've quickly become good friends, as far as cross-country internet friendships go. Sleeping Lion is Nate Flaks (songwriting/vocals) and Noah Longworth McGuire (production/co-vocals) and their press release labels their sound as so-called "dorm soul" which is a fairly apt name considering the two met at Berklee College of Music and make emotionally drenched alternative pop-soul rich with youthful lyrical melodrama and forward-thinking electronic arrangements. A co-write with Flaks' recent ex Abbey Carey and guest vocals from Opia's Jacob Reske, this new tune "Stop It" was released last week via Majestic Casual, and it's a slow-burning story of heartache with an overarching feeling of hope for brighter new beginnings. Take a deep dive into this swirling electro-soul pool of feels y'all.