Summertime All The Time


Music, Original MixErin MaherComment

Do you guys even know about a Viceroy party? Every time I head to see him play, weather it's my show or not, I spend the day prepping for what I am about to put my body through! The sultan of summer knows how to have a good time better than anyone I know - with his level ten fun vibes, crazy antics, and booty shaking tunes - I usually end up spending the next day recovering in bed! Viceroy just put out his new Just Marinate EP with two new tracks that are showing us his deep house side, and both "Marinate ft. Wilki" and "Illuminate ft. Anjulie" are delicious dance floor jams with major flames. Next weekend Viceroy kicks off his LIVE winter US tour, and I highly recommend getting out to a show! Check out tour dates below  and swoop tickets HERE!  


Music, RemixEricComment

Just as we thought we were at the end of seeing "Closer" remixes, here comes the Sultan of Summer, Viceroy, hitting us with a piano lead disco jam! I got a little chuckle right as I hit play with the Lyn Collins "Think (About It)" sample...oh you thought I was going to say "It Takes Two" from Rob Base and DJ E-Z?? Do your homework of course they took it from Lyn's cut from 1972 - a cool listen by the way. Ha ha I digress...Viceroy has put his own poolside spin on The Chainsmoker's original speeding it up adding guitars, pianos and claps the way Viceroy knows best. According to the artist, “I've known the chainsmokers since the beginning of my career and their team. It's really amazing to see something blow up from the beginnings. When they asked me to remix their hit I was happy to support them. I had a blast and I hope ya'll enjoy it!” You can grab this remix as a free download here