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Radiating a fresh sense of tech-house feminism, Kallan HK is RAM Records’ razor sharp new songstress. The first lady of RAM Records, Kallan HK unveils her 2-part single “Flight Path” and “Future Shock.” A spellbinding triumph, this techno feat is a speedy treat garnished with high-energy cadences and invigorating melodies. Between its consistent rhythm and fluid digital tenor, Kallan HK effortlessly boasts her quick-witted production skills on her latest offering. Her simple yet intentionally calculated sound design keeps these breakneck beats anchored to tantalizing soundscapes. A futuristic introduction to the weekend, “Flight Path” is the warped techno gem you need to hear.



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Dead Space, Lex & Wood, and Pony team up for “Hussy,” a collaborative house heater ready to keep your feet moving and your body grooving into the wicked hours of the night. Producing a driving blend of tech house and techno with a touch of funky fun and sacred beats, Dead Space delivers a unique and cutting-edge style of music. With productions created almost entirely in analog accented by deep vocals and driving bass-lines, in his work Dead Space searches for a deeper meaning of the cosmos. In a seemingly flawless blend of the utmost catchy vocals, masterfully timed snares, and powerful house rhythms, “Hussy” comes as a treat from Gene Farris’ enigmatic label. The pairing of Dead Space, Lex & Wood, and Pony is a match made in heaven; all displaying their signature styles in full, each contributor holds their own while effortlessly blending their styles with their musical companions.



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K?d never ceases to amaze us here at BB - we have the biggest crush on this young producer and we are proud to call him our boyfriend! Over the past year K?d has absolutely exploded into greatness with sell out tours and main stages at festivals … bananas! He has also just dropped his first official EP that is all kinds of wonderful. Find Paradise EP shows off K?d’s wide range of genre bending influences with each track having it’s own particular flavor. Delicious! Check out the first track “Electric Memories ft. Mickey Kojak” above and swoop the rest HERE!

Disclosure: k?d is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.


Remcord, Mark Höffen, Juan - HSTD

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What could be better than one amazing artist? That’s easy... three! Hosted recently released the Room Mates Series #001 and trust us- it will leave you reveling in the collaborative magic. The compilation showcases “HSTD” a minimal tech house track produced by beloved artists Remcord, Mark Höffen, and Juan. The French/ Parisian trio works to keep their focus on the love and music. This track embodies the essence of melodic techno, integrated with beats you can move and groove to. 



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Well, we certainly called this one! Probably the biggest breakout artist in the EDM world (at least in our world) for 2017 is K?d. From day one we knew we had something special here. Today he drops a new original "Glass" for our listening pleasure. It's a little bananas on how many tracks he puts into the world, and they are all so good! This latest one has that future vibe with big dance floor builds and a slight video game quality under deep bass beats. Delicious! K?d does it again! Grab a free download HERE!

Disclosure: k?d is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.



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Watching this prolific deep house producer grow over the past few years from opening DJ sets on BB shows to selling out big rooms in every city, Lane 8 is about to crush 2018. Little By Little album and tour are going to be at the top of everyone's "Must Have" list! The album drops January 19, and his US/UK/AUS tour starts January 25. "No Captain ft. Polica" is the first single and it's oh so dreamy! The vibes here are legit - and I am so excited for all this new new! You guys can pre-order the album and check full tour dates HERE!



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Know how sometimes you get that feeling ... like all you want to do is dance your ass off? Like, forget about the crowd and scene and throwing trap arms, and just effing dance! I feel like that right now, and y'all that's exactly what we're gonna do Friday Feb 03 at Mezzanine in San Francisco! Lady Mezzanine and I are stoked to welcome techno/deep house producer Sharam for a special extended set! There's going to be so much dancing happening, it's going to be bananas fun! Tickets are on sale now and you can swoop them HERE


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Bangkok based Juany Bravo and DC residing Julius Jetson just dropped a funky, G House dance floor shaker through label Jump To This. The track seamlessly slides back and forth between a driving tech house bassline and a funky gangsta breakdown. "Different Hoes" is the kind of track that offers a versatility perfect for converting anyone on the dance floor previously unacquainted with the growing niche. Download or purchase the track here, and make sure to check out more great tracks from both Juany Bravo and Julius Jetson.


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When I was sent this track - the email simply said "hot as fuck yo" - and with that how could I resist. Sons Of Maria have delivered a very poppy deep house gem that I am feeling this morning ... and yes it is hot af! They have taken the original chord progression of "Elements" by Dinka and re-created this brand new track "Sweet Madness." It's bouncy dance groove and funky melody with a wee bit of tropical flavor is making these last days of my indian summer feel warm and vibrant. Add in vocals from Angelika Vee and boom .... we've been taken closer to heaven with this sweet madness! Out now via Enormous Tunes, and you can swoop it from iTunes HERE