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Radiating a fresh sense of tech-house feminism, Kallan HK is RAM Records’ razor sharp new songstress. The first lady of RAM Records, Kallan HK unveils her 2-part single “Flight Path” and “Future Shock.” A spellbinding triumph, this techno feat is a speedy treat garnished with high-energy cadences and invigorating melodies. Between its consistent rhythm and fluid digital tenor, Kallan HK effortlessly boasts her quick-witted production skills on her latest offering. Her simple yet intentionally calculated sound design keeps these breakneck beats anchored to tantalizing soundscapes. A futuristic introduction to the weekend, “Flight Path” is the warped techno gem you need to hear.



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Dead Space, Lex & Wood, and Pony team up for “Hussy,” a collaborative house heater ready to keep your feet moving and your body grooving into the wicked hours of the night. Producing a driving blend of tech house and techno with a touch of funky fun and sacred beats, Dead Space delivers a unique and cutting-edge style of music. With productions created almost entirely in analog accented by deep vocals and driving bass-lines, in his work Dead Space searches for a deeper meaning of the cosmos. In a seemingly flawless blend of the utmost catchy vocals, masterfully timed snares, and powerful house rhythms, “Hussy” comes as a treat from Gene Farris’ enigmatic label. The pairing of Dead Space, Lex & Wood, and Pony is a match made in heaven; all displaying their signature styles in full, each contributor holds their own while effortlessly blending their styles with their musical companions.



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K?d never ceases to amaze us here at BB - we have the biggest crush on this young producer and we are proud to call him our boyfriend! Over the past year K?d has absolutely exploded into greatness with sell out tours and main stages at festivals … bananas! He has also just dropped his first official EP that is all kinds of wonderful. Find Paradise EP shows off K?d’s wide range of genre bending influences with each track having it’s own particular flavor. Delicious! Check out the first track “Electric Memories ft. Mickey Kojak” above and swoop the rest HERE!

Disclosure: k?d is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.


K?D - A.I.

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Hold on to your hats y'all - this new K?d track is fucking fierce! As if we didn't already know ... but come on yo! The phrase "going in" is what instantly comes to mind. Our yung friend delivers a fantastic ominous track with all the dark electro vibes you could ever need.  Once again K?d sets the bar with "A.I." and I don't see things slowing down. K?d embarks on his debut headline tour this fall - we'll definitely be hitting a few of these dates! Check HERE to see if he's in your city and swoop some tickets! You can stream/download this bad boy HERE!

Disclosure: k?d is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.



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Pretty sure Rezz is crushing harder than anyone right now! She's been dropping a new track every week from her forthcoming full length album Mass Manipulation out on AUG 04 via mau5trap. With her undeniable signature sound, Rezz has been giving all the boys a run for their money. This most recent track "Drugs" with fellow Canadian producer 13 mixes her dark electro and somewhat sinister techno sound with some wobbly dub flavor for what I would call .... FIRE! You guys can grab a pre-order of that new album HERE


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I mean ... what more can I possibly say about k?d ... I feel like I've said it all yet, I can't say enough! Every track this young producer drops is fucking fire! This is 100% our future super star, the future of electronic music! Drawing vibes from current heroes like Flume and Rezz, k?d delivers his epic remix of "Starboy ft. Daft Punk" by The Weeknd for our listening pleasure ... and I am swooped off to my happy place! Man, this is everything! What's even more great is that you can grab a free download HERE! You and me k?d ... homies for life! 


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Holy mack! This is some fabulous feeling sounds riiiight here y'all! Slow Hours are a collective made up of a bunch of French producer who individually slay, so when they release a Slow Hours track it's like the best thing ever! This remix of "Sunset Lover" by Petit Biscuit is pretty much everything -- a sonic journey through hills and valleys of sound styles and techniques, I feel like we get a bit of everything good in this one! This one dropped on the Sunset Lover Remix EP which is out today everywhere so .... you know what to do! 


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Well .... the BLU J boys are on a non-stop roll! It seems like every other week this production duo is releasing a new track, and they are all pretty great! Our second premiere of the day is BLU J's remix of "Matter" by Shallows, and I am so feeling this one. With it's dark techno vibes and 80's synth undertones, they've touched that new wave passion that resides deep in my heart. Big moves guys ... it's been such a blast watching these yung legends grow! Can't wait to hear whats next! 


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As if we didn't already know this was gonna be bananas good - it's a collab with Rezz and K?d ... I mean you know before you even press play! Both these awesome producers made big moves last year - we even hosted 2 shows in SF with Rezz, and finally we are seeing K?d pop up on 2017 festival flyers to start playing his first live shows. Today they drop their much anticipated track "Fourth Impact" for all the feels! Filled with Rezz's signature ominous techno sound and K?d's future flaver, the two deliver a dark sexy track with hard edges and deep dance beets - I'm so into this one! You can grab a free download HERE!