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Navigating dance music through the lens of world cultures, Swayló is the Texas mystic who draws inspiration from the full moons to create immersive listening experiences for his fans. An event curator, spreading the gospel of unity through wellness and dancing, his studio recordings follow a similar algorithm. Calculated sound design gives his latest track “Ocean Flame” a distinct structure, but its free-flowing nature is what truly defines its allure. As ancient cadences encounter electro-house rhythms listeners find themselves lost in an unsuspecting symmetry. This spirited gift is a more sensual sound than his previous releases, proving his musical reach is bound only by the world which these sounds were made.



Music, Original MixSara NatkinsComment

After spending time behind the scenes in the music industry as a festival curator, Austin-based creative Swayló is diving head first into electronic production of his own. His debut single, “Desert Flower” boasts his signature take on tribal-trap. A sonic collision of mathematic sound design paired with worldly cadences, this single is palpable with every transition. A mandala of thunderous bass is complimented by glistening digital frequencies that cascade atop the free-form nature of its entirety. While “Desert Flower” is a hard-hitting listen, it has moments of psychedelia that kindly sooth the trap tenor of which it is defined by. Swayló’s inaugural release is a striking testament to his bright future. Experience the sounds of consciousness with “Desert Flower.”

Disclaimer: Swaylo is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Alli Lindsey

Disclaimer: Swaylo is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Alli Lindsey


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Whenever I hear there is a new Bag Raiders remix dropped into the world, I find my headphones as quickly as possible because I know it’s going to be pure fire! Our Aussie friends are starting to show their face from a year long absence in the US … I don’t know about you guys but I have been jonesing for a Bag Raiders dance party for months now! Remember last time we brought them to SF on the boat party? Yea …. that was fun! To get us in the mood, the boys have delivered their version of “Body Move” by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - it’s dance floor heater with that steady tribal Bag Raiders vibe that gets us all on our feet and shakin’ booty! Load this one up!