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Hey now! So .... this is such a treat for me, I've been waiting all day to blog about it! One of my new favorite producers Vincent has just dropped a delicious flip of one of my all time favorite indie pop bands VÉRITÉ - so you can say this one is giving me all the warm feelies! His version of "Gesture" is full of bendy future melodies and glitchy beats with VÉRITÉ vocals connecting all elements for ultimate radness! Vincent totally gets it - he's pretty much crushing all things he's putting into the world.  You guys can grab a free download HERE


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If you have yet to hear about my boy BKAYE - it's time to grab your headphones and dip into sonic heaven with this one! Yung Bay area producer BKAYE is staking his claim among the new future beats makers with some serious electro feels on his remix of "Gesture" by VÉRITÉ. It's like he knew VÉRITÉ is my favorite electro-pop band and that I would LOVE this! You can grab a free download HERE! But hey - in just a few weeks he'll be playing my next show at Audio in San Francisco with SteLouse anTastyTreat .... I mean hi what a sick line-up! Grab advance tickets HERE


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Swoon! I have had a girl crush on this lady here for a minute! We have been big supporters of this New York band from day one - over the past few years they have played our SXSW shows, our CMJ shows, and we just love everything about VÉRITÉ! This new track "Undressed" is so amazing -- packed full of this incredible sad emotion that I think all of us ladies (and maybe most men) can relate with. This is like a fantastic electro-soul journey into the dark area of one's soul .... it's beautiful and heartbreaking and I love it more than anything right now! You can swoop this one from iTunes HERE


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Here we are with Phase Two for our upcoming SXSW show!  In just a few weeks we'll be back in Austin for the 5th year at the Brew Exchange!!  This year we are really pushing the boundaries, bringing some of the most forward thinking and inspiring artists to date!!  We like to to think we're one step ahead of the next big thing, and this years showcasing artists are cutting edge and making huge moves -- to quote a high-end artists booking agent, "The Beautiful Buzzz showcase at SXSW this year will be what the Fader Fort showcase looks like next year."  Remember to RSVP for entry HERE!


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Finally - March is here and I can freak out even more!!  SXSW is just weeks away, and I'm beginning to feel like I'm never going to have things sorted in time!!  It's like this every year tho, would not be SXSW without it!!  This weeks Buzzz Box is pretty great, and I'm loving the photography from Masha Demianova!  Get your week started right and have a dance party!