With Me


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For me, music can be just as visually stimulating at times as even the most vibrant pieces of art. Certain pieces of music make my imagination go crazy, I envision far off places; dream-like environments with sprawling landscapes never before seen by human eyes. While yes this a very personal reaction that only exists in my head, I can only imagine the musings of others when they encounter music such as this "With Me" by Commandeur. I've never heard of this Australian native before, but I'm soo happy I have now. The name of our blog is Beautiful Buzzz and this track is both Beautiful and very Buzzzworthy. Rich in atmospheric elegance, delicate and personal, yet with a feeling of vast expansiveness. The airy echoes of the female voice intertwine with the lead vocals engulfing you in a warm and mysterious soundscape of colors and tones. This record takes you on a mellifluous journey into a synthetic fantasy. Allow yourself to become the innocent child you once were. Indulge your imagination and hit play.