electro soul


Music, Original MixEricComment

Lemme tell you about this dude JOHN.k who's pretty fresh on the scene, but definitely poised to make a quick and exciting rise. His first record "Runnin'" hit New Music Friday on Spotify and had some pretty major blog support launching him to immediate contender status. Next comes this rad tune "GOLD" with Latin Grammy winning producer Ricky Remedy. The story goes that Ricky spent years trying to find just the right vocalist to turn this track past silver. JOHN.k heard Ricky was working nearby and decided to  show up at his studio one day unannounced ready to work. Lucky for us they struck a quick relationship and thus "Gold" was born. With JOHN.k's beastly range and incredible falsetto matching up with Ricky's signature synthwork what more could we ask for?


Music, Original MixErin MaherComment

Brandyn Burnette is so dreamy! His voice tho ... swoon! Recently we have been loving all things he's involved with, and his progressive electro soul sound has got us hooked! Today he releases his next original track "Worship" full of whimsical melodies and all the right feels, I love it! Last weekend Brandyn Burnette and I crossed paths and we are so lame .... we didn't put two and two together and failed at the recognition game!  We even had a brief 5 second conversation on the stage with Lost Kings! I figured it out the next day and we've since laughed about it! Next time! But y'all .... you need to get into this - swoop it on iTunes HERE!