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It’s Friday, and you know what that means- it’s time for the weekend and time to finally get that stressful work relief on the dance floor. That’s why today we wanted to showcase Brooklyn-based artist Jonny Sum’s brand new EP, ‘I Dream’. This two track EP is a dream for any house music fanatic.

The first of the two, the title track as well as the single we decided to highlight here, bursts with an energetic rhythm that you can easily step to. It’s matched with a minimal melody that accentuates the pulsating beat that’s overwhelmingly addictive.

The second single, ‘Mood100’, is exactly what it’s titled. The track will undoubtedly release feel-good endorphins through its vibrating bass, minimal keys, and seesawing sound design. Get your night started and your heart pumping with this diamond of a release.



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If you don’t already know who TÂCHES is, then it’s best you start to familiarize yourself. The man is an absolute musical genius, and we have the proof to back it up. 

Diving head first into 2019 with an incredibly clean 5-track project titled “Heart Over Heels”, TÂCHES rises above the electronic norms through an eclectic fusion of house, minimal and dance. Songs such as “I Don’t Look Back” and “Meet You in the Moonlight” are more melody-driven, while other tracks like “Dances With Wolves” and “Sofia’s Theme” are led by uptempo percussions.

The single we are choosing to highlight of the 5 is “Meet You in the Moonlight”- an invigorating blend of disco, house and tribal that’s guided by soulful vocal samples. But the last thing we want to do is downplay the other tracks, as every single one is just as unique and beautiful as the next. Take a listen and you decide which one is your favorite, though I can guarantee it’s definitely not going to be an easy choice.

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Fall has officially kicked into full gear, and there’s no better way to welcome the crisp air and autumn colors than with a brand new groove such as the latest from bitbird‘s  first-ever signee, Duskus, and his latest release “Longtime.” 

The mellow, beat-ridden song finds the perfect balance between subtlety and high-energy- a track you can pretty much bump in any mood, at any time and any place. Comprised of seamless transitions, gorgeous intercepting layers of vocals and chops, and a house-like rhythm that urges you to get up and dance, there’s not one thing about this song that isn’t to love. 

But what makes this track so special in particular is that the London-based producer released the single on his very own label imprint Kaleido. Might we say, the prospects are looking mighty high for the newly established label if it continues to serve as a home and outlet for bops as massive as “Longtime”. Based on Duskus’ track record, we can only assume this will certainly be the matter.

Disclaimer: Duskus is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey.



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If you don't already know Counsel Pop, you better start getting familiarized. As the newest signees to Mat Zo's recently established label imprint, Mad Zoo, these guys are definitely going to be making a name for themselves- that is if they haven't already. They recently swept us off our feet with their latest release, a 4-track EP titled 'Counsel Pop Presents:.' The EP’s theme is solidified through a brilliant combination of drum and bass and fast paced futuristic synths that together provide an energy level that is out of this world. So, if you’re seeking some exercise motivation, especially as we start heading into summer weather and swimsuit season, Counsel Pop’s 'Counsel POP Presents:' EP will assuredly get you on your feet and moving in no time.

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Seeing that Beautiful Buzzz thrives from innovative artists, we understand the impact they have in inspiring people all around the world. One artist in particular has enamored me since 2016 when I first heard,  “Scenic Route ft. Felish.” Los Angeles based producer Andrew Coulter, better known as Soul Catalyst, has consistently been an artist I can queue for anyone, anytime, in any environment and receive the same positive reaction from. His stylistic choices render a daydream essence. He's held his own remixing favorites such as, Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself to Dance” and ODESZA’s “White Lies.” With light filled, organic, care-free melodies and vocals, it’s clear he’s mastered the art of combining electronic house beats with dreamy psychedelic chill. He's just released, “Only You ft. Felish” off his forthcoming album, Silver Linings. It’s hard to say what’s in the future for Soul Catalyst, but I’m sure he’ll have no problem turning it into a beautiful journey. 


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Autograf is at it again with their very own rendition of their original "Dead Soon" featuring vocalist Lils and fellow producer Bonsai Mammal. In this mellow version, they tone down the energy, and swap out the lively Deadmau5-like synths with mellow and colorful bubbling sounds, while layering the piece with faded, shadowy vocals. The duo's versatility is undeniable as they manage to shift the aesthetic completely, causing the OG "Dead Soon" to sound like an entirely new song - one that is just as authentic as the initial release.  The mystifying chill mix will assuredly leave you in a state of serenity, something we can all use from time to time.

Disclosure: Autograf is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Hunter Thompson.



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Italian DJ and house artist WHOM is looking to stimulate and stir things up, which is evident in his latest EDM.COM published track, “Addicted.” Alberto Longo started experimenting with electronic sound in 2013 and signed his first track back in 2015. Longo is currently the resident DJ at Shire Music Festival where he continues to seek out new sound and inspiration. When we reached out, WHOM expressed to the BB Fam that the house scene is too serious and tracks like “Addicted” are the product of incorporating soft synth and seductive vocals to “play with your weaknesses” and destroy taboos around sexuality. Trust us, it will have you feeling something! WHOM continues to pioneer new music, while preparing for some festivals in Italy that are soon to be announced.



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This is going to be a HUGE year for Robotaki! After crushing a US tour with fellow future bass companion Manila Killa last last year and dropping some of our favorite jams of 2017, this Canadian producer is back with his next original track "Together We're Screwed ft. Nevve" and I'm swooning! This is a love song for millennials with it's sweet vocals and perfect pop essence layered with a fantastic dance groove - we're feeling this one! I've heard rumors about a big headline tour this spring/summer for yung Robitaki .... I think he should get ready for greatness.   

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This is one of those dark dance tracks that make you wanna do sexy things to other people, or maybe yourself too, whatever you're into. Los Angeles producer Drezo is keeping that underground vibe alive with his latest remix of "Made You Look" by Naz that is full of deep house beats with all that rumbling bass we love. Throw in them sick hip-hop rhymes from Naz with some G-House feels and you have yourself a party! You feel this track, in all the right places! Grab that free download HERE!