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Shaping up to be one of the most influential contemporary electronic producers in the game, San Holo returns with passion and innovation with, “Show Me,” from his celebrated album1. The Dutch producer fuses glistening dance music with indie rock. Layering the electric guitar atop future-bass reverb, San Holo is a pioneer of a new wave of dance music. Breathing organic instrumentation into feel-good, digital production, “Show Me” is set to be a staple in his wildly influential career. This outline of righteously syncopated resonance stands as a testament that San Holo will never settle. Straddling the boundaries of experimental electronic and alternative dance music, “Show Me” is nothing short of stunning. The ever-evolving San Holo’s album1 is available now on all major streaming platforms- join us as we listen to the sounds of history being made with this charismatic manifesto of sounds.



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It's been a minute, but KNGDAVD is back with a new tune! The duo lit it up with their last couple singles "Medicine" and "Shame" and now connect again with this new single "You Never Know." The lyrics talk about sinking into decisions that you might later regret "You Never Know" preaching to "don't count your chickens before they hatch." A great phrase my parents used to tell me all the time haha and truthfully is sage advice. The record features a haunting guitar line that evolves into light pads upon sprightly hip hop oriented percussion. The beat is droning and melancholy which simply adds to the spice of the tune.    


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I'm all about the new music NVDES has been releasing in the last few months. He was featured on a Pierce Fulton track a while back "Better Places" that eventually became the name of his new album, and is most notably known for his single "The Other Side". Most  of NVDES' music features indie rock guitar and bass reminiscent of The Strokes or Gorillaz, but of course with his own flare and a hint of electronics just to blend it all together. This tune is a groover of a record and is a perfect beach ready tune for your summer adventures. Listen over on Spotify here