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Beautiful Buzzz is absolutely delighted to have the honors of premiering rising artist midnight’s turbulent new single, “Pressure Gradient”. The stirring single comes as the first off his forthcoming EP, “Nocturne, which will be releasing via Majestic Casual.

Enlisting NY-based artist ylxr to spearhead the production, the two creatives bring their unsurpassed abilities to the table and develop a heart-rendering, contemporary ballad. The artists’ chemistry and the track’s mixing is nothing short of breathtaking. A relaxed, r&b-fused melody sets the foundation for the piece while midnight’s satiny-smooth voice provides a devastatingly beautiful contrast to the rollercoastering glitchy synths and jaw-dropping vocal chops that decorate the single. The result is both mesmerizing and intoxicating, sending listeners on a journey filled with musical complexities and deviating sounds.

midnight discusses the passionate thoughts that inspired the track and explains, “‘Pressure Gradient’ is birthed from the struggle to balance rebellion and restraint as a person of color living in a country terrorized by bigotry. The lyrics covet the simplicity of being in love while drowning in the anguish of that bigotry.” midnight’s passion seeps through the emotive single, leaving us awe-struck and bedazzled, and it surely will leave the same lasting effects on listeners.

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We’re absolutely delighted to introduce singer and songwriter ChrisLee. His new sugary single, “Make A Move,” provokes all the feels as he combines pop and R&B elements for a result that overflows with summertime vibes. With melodies just as sweet as his voice, and a rhythm that’s utterly irresistible, it makes us wonder why we haven’t covered this guy before.

Disclaimer: ChrisLee is promoted by Beautiful Buzz writer, Alli Lindsey.



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I can't even begin to describe the size of the smile that spread across my face when I saw there was a new one from one of my favorite artists to date, Louis Futon. Everything the Philly-native touches turns to pure gold. Take his latest work, a cover of J. Cole's original, “Kevin’s Heart,” for example. There’s really no other way to characterize the rework than as a certified JAM.

Collaborating with the gifted minds of Bellah, BXRBER and Armani White, LF takes the popular R&B single and spins it into his own funk-driven interpretation, roping you in immediately with an infectious beat that is signature to his brand. The rhythm is complimented with a jazzy, emphasized take on the melody of which is shaped through an amalgamation of crisp, futuristic synths. J. Cole's verses also receive a makeover through the honeyed, harmonizing vocals of Bellah and BXRBER, while Armani White packs in the heat with his very own lyrical lines. Just hit play and you’ll realize within seconds that one listen will not be enough to satiate your ears.