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Beautiful Buzzz is absolutely delighted to have the honors of premiering rising artist midnight’s turbulent new single, “Pressure Gradient”. The stirring single comes as the first off his forthcoming EP, “Nocturne, which will be releasing via Majestic Casual.

Enlisting NY-based artist ylxr to spearhead the production, the two creatives bring their unsurpassed abilities to the table and develop a heart-rendering, contemporary ballad. The artists’ chemistry and the track’s mixing is nothing short of breathtaking. A relaxed, r&b-fused melody sets the foundation for the piece while midnight’s satiny-smooth voice provides a devastatingly beautiful contrast to the rollercoastering glitchy synths and jaw-dropping vocal chops that decorate the single. The result is both mesmerizing and intoxicating, sending listeners on a journey filled with musical complexities and deviating sounds.

midnight discusses the passionate thoughts that inspired the track and explains, “‘Pressure Gradient’ is birthed from the struggle to balance rebellion and restraint as a person of color living in a country terrorized by bigotry. The lyrics covet the simplicity of being in love while drowning in the anguish of that bigotry.” midnight’s passion seeps through the emotive single, leaving us awe-struck and bedazzled, and it surely will leave the same lasting effects on listeners.

Disclaimer: midnight is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey.



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It's no secret the mid-west city of Chicago is producing some major players in the electronic music scene as of late. They may all be moving to LA, but they know their roots! Today's premiere features two of these chi-town rising stars with this siiiick Stratus remix of "Surreal" by Mielo. I love this sexy slow groove under syncopated dance beats and big trap drops. This is the kind of track that makes a dance floor get dirty! Mielo will be heading out on his first US tour this year, and after featuring him at our SXSW show this year I can tell you its a set that can't be missed - more info to come on that soon! Until then - you can grab this as a free download HERE!  


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If you ever find yourself in a lucid dream, immersed in a pixelated world and surrounded by all your favorite Zelda and/or Mario 64 characters, 2ToneDisco should be on your shortlist for the musical backdrop. The Los Angeles duo have graced us with a new track, “OMW”, to premier for y’all. Living up to the bright, vivid sound we have come to expect, 2ToneDisco delivers an experience that feels like the soundtrack to an ambitious journey implied in the title. Grab your free copy here and get movin with the perfect motivational track to start your day.


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Happy Monday! I have something pretty awesome for this next premiere that I have been dying to tall y'all about! Mossy. is a young producer out of Los Angeles who is so shiny and new that this is his first track ever! "Warpaint." sets a very cool tone with big low end beats and a funky groove - this is the kind of song the cool awkward indie kid in high school who wore Blur T-shirts (oh that was me) would be listening to. Mossy. takes a creative twist on combining some pretty epic vibes - it's like he crossed The Stone Roses pop rock sound with super sexy dance floor feels ... and he was able to say everything he needed to in under 3 minutes! I love this! You can download "Warpaint." HERE


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We all need super sweet funky grooves in our lives, and when I am looking for this vibe one of my go to artist is French Horn Rebellion.  For years this Brooklyn duo has been filling our earbuds with great dance pop jams that are a wee bit corky and 100% rad. Today's premiere has our homies Bee's Knees flipping "Second Opinion" by French Horn Rebellion into a fantastic funky dance track with their future pop flavor shining through. Gotta love it when two artists like these guys who are super creative and fun get get together - results are always great! French Horn Rebellion's latest self-produced full length album "Classically Trained," is out now via Ensemble Records, and you can grab this Bee's Knees remix as a free download HERE


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Yo! It's Monday again .... and I've risen in the wee hours on this very cold and beautiful San Francisco morning, wishing I could go back to sleep! No rest for the wicked - I'm here to please the electronic music lovers like yourself with our next premiere, and it's a super tasty one! Our homies Halogen are back at it again with their latest remix of "Holding On To You" by Two Can. This Atlanta duo has a knack for transforming funky dance tracks into hard hitting dance floor scorchers that do nothing short of lighting the room up! So, get your week started off by shakin' ya bootay ... Halogen are bae!  


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We've got a full slate of awesome new music to support today, but I'm going to start things off with this killer new single from Boston's Ark Patrol. "Curious" is a mysterious sounding electronic pop tune full of sweet melodies and lush sounds that move forward with robotic like precision. Victoria Zaro's vocals keeps you locked into the lyrics with a melancholy tone that both entrances and tugs you into her pensive state of being. The record is built with light and charming synth sounds and melodies, but yet the combination of it all with Victoria's vocals result in a somber sounding tune. According to the artist "The sounds and song structure are a callback to a more 90s - 00s pop style. Alternative electronic pop. It would be nice if this song reminded listeners of what's out there. The styles we've left behind as a world and the room there is still left to discover as a generation.” Out today on Heroic recordings you can stream "Curious" here


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Our next premiere is from a very special up-and coming legend who we are all kinds of bananas over!  Mile high city producer StéLouse drops his latest remix of "Lemon Eyes" by Meg Myers right in our hot little hands, which we proudly give to you! He's put a future pop spin on this great track, leaving us swaying and shoulder rolling all over the BB office!  Part of the amazing collective/management team at Apex Management out of NYC - StéLouse is letting us know he's here to stay!  You can swoop this track via iTunes HERE! Listen and love! 


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Happy Thursday! And what a great Thursday it is. Our good friends over at Los Angeles Music Project (LAMP) have given us an absolute gift of a track to premiere today from Arizona bred, Portland transplant Leo Islo! "Higher Living" is a wonderfully written and even better produced track showing off both his silky smooth vocals and frictionless production style. This record will just melt over you taking you on a mellifluous journey of a twofold variety. First I feel this track blossoms with upbeat synth-wave melodies and sounds, but is also coupled with a somewhat melancholy overtone echoed by the lyrics and vocal style. A subtle kick accents a brooding bass line with waves of arpeggiated synths and an absolutely infectious chorus vocal. With this just his second release on LAMP and a relative newcomer to our pages, we have absolutely no doubt he's firmly implanted to stay.