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Happy Friday y’all! Your girl has been slammed at work; the club has been raging all fall and it’s demanding all of my attention. I have put aside a few minutes today however to post some new jams, and this on is all the feels! These boys are no strangers to our pages, we’ve be hangin with Louis Futon and Medasin for a minute - and here they are coming together on this tasty flip of “Wake Up” by Travis Scott. So much juice … with funky R&B vibes and funky rhythms it … I’m swooning! Add this one to your weekend playlist kids!

Disclosure: Louis Futon and Medasin is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Member Alli Lindsey & Hunter Thompson.



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3 years ago, I threw my first party at Mezzanine in San Francisco. It was my first time bringing a Beautiful Buzzz show into a room of this large capacity and I was so nervous! I sold out that show weeks in advance, it was the best feeling in the world, and it was with Ed Banger legend .... Breakbot! Fast forward to today, I am now in-house talent buyer at Mezzanine, and we'll be reuniting with Breakbot once again for a huge dance party.  I'm not so nervous this time around ... just super excited! This French producer's sets are next level, seriously! Tickets are on sale now and if you are in the Bay Area, I highly suggest you grab yours ASAP ... because I plan on selling this one out again!  


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To celebrate our upcoming San Francisco High Seas Boat Party with Goldroom in a few weeks, we though we would share his latest SAGUARO 2018 mix. There's nothing better than kicking off a Monday morning than with sweet sweet grooves from our bestie Goldroom, and in this mix he's bringing the ultimate summer vibes for our listening pleasure. We only have a hand full of tickets left for the boat party on July 14, so grab tickets and all your friends, and join us for the ultimate disco sunset cruse on the bay!  You can also grab a free download of this mix HERE!  


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France-native Kultur is most definitely one of my favorite up and coming artists of 2018. After he made waves - no pun intended - with his captivating release, “Ocean,” the adroit artist has once again crafted a piece that wields great depth and pulchritude. The title of his new single, “Off To Get Lost,” could not be more fitting as it's a spiraling musical journey that listeners will discover themselves getting lost in. Embellished throughout with shadowy vocal chops, the song enters with rounded percussives that advance to a rapid, quivering rhythm. The beat then intertwines with mystic, beckoning synths and dreamy vocals that paint a lulling illusion of being lifted off the ground. Possessing a track record of music as beautiful as his, I’d strongly advise you to put Kultur on your radar.



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Ah, what a wonderful week it has been here in Colorado. The air is starting to cool and the once green landscape is now slowly turning into bright yellows, reds, and oranges, to announce that fall is indeed here.  Which leaves us with the perfect time to dig into some new music for the season. Building upon his successful releases “Left You” and “Aquimini”, Maesu is back with his smooth 7 track debut deSerVe EP. After taking some time to go through all of it, I was rather impressed with the body of work, but caught myself playing one track on repeat. “OG” comes as the third track on the EP and man oh man is it good. It features a minimalistic beat with sultry percussion which perfectly compliments Maesu’s voice and allows it to float perfectly atop. With such a exceptional sound and unique style, the future is looking bright for this promising artist.



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Really tho - I am so excited for this next show because SAVOY might just be my favorite new obsession .... this one is gonna be crazy y'all! Saturday September 23 at Mezzanine, get ready to get down with SAVOY house party DJ set, along with French house producer Anoraak and our super homies Manics.  Tickets just went on sale, and you can swoop them below!  Also, gotta check out this new track "How U Like Me Now ft. Roniit" that Savoy just released ... it's filled with all that future feels electro funk goodness ... swoon! See you kids there! 



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This is one of those dark dance tracks that make you wanna do sexy things to other people, or maybe yourself too, whatever you're into. Los Angeles producer Drezo is keeping that underground vibe alive with his latest remix of "Made You Look" by Naz that is full of deep house beats with all that rumbling bass we love. Throw in them sick hip-hop rhymes from Naz with some G-House feels and you have yourself a party! You feel this track, in all the right places! Grab that free download HERE!


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I've been seeing many San Holo "Light" remixes pop up, and all of them have been pretty good - but just now .... I had an eargasm listening to this one by Loosid. It was around this time last year I starting falling in love with Loosid's music - he has that great dark and sexy, slightly epic sound that effortlessly flows into headphone heaven! This sounds like my best dreams ... perfect! You can swoop that free download HERE!


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I'm in New York right now having more fun than I can even say - I'm realizing just how much I am a part of an amazing family and the impact we have on each other. At a time when I'm in need for love and support, they are here ... they are amazing. K?d is kinda like that too - I always know that he's gonna deliver the goods, I can depend on him to take me to new levels of awesomeness with this sweet jams, and this new original "Discover ft. RKCB" is bananas good. K?d is all kinds of amazing, we know this, I'm obsessed. Swoop that fre download HERE!