Erin MaherComment

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a band premier live in the city you live, in my case that's San Francisco at the moment!  I have been talking nonstop about this electronic dance DJ team Disclosure made up of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, and this fall they embarked on their first US tour, and I was lucky enough to be in a city they visited. 

The buzz is out on Disclosure!  When we arrived at The Independent there was a line down the street and even though it was raining, people were super excited to have scored tickets to the intimate show!  The place was packed, but we managed to find a great spot on a riser stage right were we danced the night away!  I was very happy to see Disclosure's set-up on stage: I am a huge fan of a live drummer so sometimes when it's just a DJ with a computer I tend to get board.  They had computers, drum machines, sample pads, live percussion gear and all sorts of bells and whistles!  After seeing that I knew we were all in for a treat!

The set was sick!  After a while, and a few cocktails, I stopped paying attention so much and just danced and danced and danced!  Disclosure's upbeat groove and steady dance beats take a hold of your mind - they get into your brain and all you can do at that moment is dance - but isn't that the goal for any electronic artist?  Disclosure is a true testament to the ever evolving style of new indie electronic music!  Keep a look out for these guys I have a feeling we will be seeing much more of them to come in the next year!