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It's been a crazy week here in San Francisco with some pretty amazing shows keeping me very busy.  Popscene is my favorite time of the week!  Promoter and Live 105 DJ Aaron Axelsen and I are kindred spirits - week after week he premiers some of the best up & coming indie rock dance pop bands from all over the world that I have either been writing about on Beautiful Buzzz, or that I have been dying to see live!  On this night I was particularly excited to see Urban Cone, electro dance pop band from Stockholm, Sweden!

When I was on tour with Art Vs Science, massive groups of Australian kids would show up, coming out of the woodwork to see their hometown heroes at a small club in the US when they are used to seeing them headlining festivals in Australia.  Somewhat of the same thing happened with Urban Cone, Popscene was packed with all kinds of Swedes!  I didn't even know there were Swedes in San Francisco, but they are everywhere!!  This makes me very happy, over the years I have spent a lot of time in Sweden with some of my most amazing friends who live in a tiny town way up north called Ornskoldsvik!  Such a beautiful country filled with beautiful people, just don't ask me to speak Swedish!

I was right about Urban Cone!  They are amazing live!  Currently their only release is last years Our Youth EP, and I think I have listened to it one million times!  They started their set off with "We Should Go To France" and proceeded to play every track from the Our Youth EP.  Me and every other person in that venue were dancing like crazy people!  "Kings And Queens" was the crowd favorite being the most popular single.  Every song simply exploded with energy, perfect pop songs with a pulsating dance beat.  This is live band electro dance pop at its best.  And their hair!!!  They all have the most amazing hair that a group of young Swedish boys could possibly have!  It boggles my mind how bands this talented get overlooked, and how the masses prefer bands like Grouplove (puke) or Of Monsters And Men (vomit)!  Urban Cone should be headlining Coachella, not the Red Hot Chili Peppers (gag)! 

Listen to the Our Youth EP above and have yourself a dance party.  I know 2013 has just begun and I have 100 shows yet to see, but I am pretty sure Urban Cone will be in my top 5 best live show of the year!