Erin MaherComment

Well.... I am really playing catch-up with this one!  It may have been a few weeks back, but the show is still going strong in my mind - what a party!  It's no secret that I am a mega Goldroom fan!  Ever since that day last summer when I first saw him play live, Goldroom tunes have been a daily staple in my music listening routine.  Not only does he produce some of the sickest remixes anywhere, his original tracks are the sweetest things I ever did hear!  

When I heard about Goldroom becoming a live band, I freaked out!  For me it was pretty much the best thing to happen to summer-daytime-disco-electronic-pop music, and counted down the days until SXSW - where Goldroom as a live band headlined our Beautiful Buzzz showcase!  Yea, that happened!!  Unfortunately for me, I was only able to catch one song from this SXSW set because when you are the woman running the show, you don't actually get to partake in the dance party that ensued!  This is why I was over the moon for this San Francisco show!

Bananas!!  The sold out room was on fire, and I was very pleased with the set.  I think Goldroom is 99.9% of the way there - the songs are amazing, Josh Legg is amazing, and the new members of the band rock - it is almost perfection.  I have nothing negative to say about the greatness that is Goldroom - like any newly formed band they need just a wee bit more time to perfect their set, but the vibe and energy is spot on.  I have enjoyed getting to know Josh better over the past year, and the only way I see things going for Goldroom is UP!