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This track is not something we usually post ... but I could not resist. It's just so beautiful ... and I feel like everyone will get the feels while listening so, I couldn't not share. UK up-and-comer Henry Green has produced an emotional new single called "Stay Here" that I've totally fallen in love with. Dreamy melodies floating under sweet airy vocals, it's impossible to ignore it's charm. Grab your headphones and close your eyes ... I promise you wont regret it! 



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Our Austin homies are back with a new dark track, perfect timing for winter feels! Bronze Whale seem to always hand us the goods - their future feels jams take us to new heights on the dance floor ... and they are just so adorable we love them so much! This new one explores their more electro sinister side with a deep gothic low end that's on fleek. So many feels ... this one is rad. Grab a free download HERE!  

Disclosure: Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh



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When Kill Paris reached out to us a few weeks back asking if we could premiere this new gem, we were all very stoked, especially because he said that Beautiful Buzzz is his favorite music blog! We love you too Corey :) 

“Out of the Dark”, the latest release from KP’s Sexy Electric label, is a gorgeous dynamic mood-lifter of an electronic track. It begins with relaxed piano and ethereal modulated vocals and quickly develops into a more energetic section rife with beautiful melodies and killer drum beats. The remainder of the track continues the interplay between the relaxed chill sections and the more brightly colored sections where the lively energy lies. It’s almost as if you’re falling in and out of a dream state where your mood instantly shifts from calm to excited, and back to calm again.

Kill Paris shared a few words about the track with us:

“I found myself in a moment of bewilderment with the world. In that moment, I felt an intuitional energy arise that said: no matter what’s going on in the world, good or bad, we have the power to transmute and transform anything. It’s one of those reminders that you’re connected to in the moment of blissful inspiration, but after the magic is gone, it disappears. This song is an audible reminder, that we all possess this power. I hope it helps people get themselves out of the dark.”

Stream it on Spotify below and don't forget to save it and make sure you're following him for future releases!



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Ah, don't you love when a track you've been jamming gets a recreation that gives it a whole new vibe? Well I know I do. That's why today we are premiering Kaidro's remix of Loote's 'Out Of My Head'. For those of you unfamiliar with the talented producer, Kaidro has been on a roll lately with a string of successful remixes which include an official remix for Jocelyn Alice's 'Bound To You', which was featured on Spotify's New Music Friday. Now, he graces us with yet another fire remix of Loote which dazzles the listener with soft plucks, uplifting vocal chops, and clean percussion that will have you replaying it all morning. If you haven't had the chance to check out Kaidro, now is your time. I have a feeling big things are in the future for this one. 

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I am totally in love with this new Palastic track! Being a big fan of this amazing Austrian duo, "City Lights ft. Nevve" is hitting all the right feels for my sleepy Thursday afternoon! This jam is bringing me back to life with bouncy melodies and dreamy vocals - so good! Palastic is one of those artists who seem to create the perfect track that keeps you coming back for more. You can swoop this one HERE!



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I can't think of a better way of waking up in the morning -- rolling out of bed and seeing a new Moving Castle release! Our favorite little label never disappoints. Bonus time - I get to premiere this bad boy today ... and its everything! Literally! "Everything ft. Ria" is the latest release from rising star Rusty Hook whom we've been pretty excited about lately, and this French producer is bringing heat. With bouncy melodies and melodic future beats Rusty Hook turns the volume to 10 for all the fantastic chair dancing feels. I'm currently alone in my office throwing trap arms - if my staff could only see me now! This is the second single off his EP Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance that comes out NOV 16th. So excited to see what's next from this legend! You can buy/stream this new track HERE

Disclosure: Rusty Hook is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey



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Anything THEY-realted, remix or otherwise, is a winner for me. When you let ye. at the track then you have something special in my book. The talented young producer has been making his prowess known over the last year or so and with his recent remix of Truth Be Told that momentum doesn't seem to be going anywhere. A producer that can so prodigiously drop solid radio track remixes is always something I'm on the lookout for. You can grab your copy of the track here, and make sure to swing by this dude's soundcloud to check out his already impressive portfolio. 

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Having only been added to the Moving Castle Collective in March of this year, French producer/musician Astre has since seen waves of success, support, and synchronicity. His original track, "Shades" featuring rapper Kevin Blu released a mere 4 months ago; after well-received feedback from critics and music fans alike, Astre is passing along the track to various producers, musicians, and DJ's to allow their taste to re-shape and capitalize on the original. This particular remix comes from Pacific Northwest producer,  Metsa and LA-based Madnap. The collaborative treatment is a down-tempo, charming piece with Eastern-world aromas that serve to emphasize Kevin Blu's accented rhymes. Intentionally more Lo-Fi than the OG single, this duo's flip yields a vintage expulsion while remaining true to the original notes. Its glitchy interludes are carefully placed and layered, heeding a head-nodding, introspective energy that sticks to each space later coming to fruition in the form of an elctro-R&B vision. This twosome tackled their flip with grace and confidence- a track to be revered and respect. Volume up. 



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Newcomer Crash Land is doing just that with his music. His page reveals only 2 songs, but those two are more than enough to have us questioning who this kid might be. His futuristic sound using atmospheric synths and soft yet crisp percussion is a rather refreshing mix up to the usual hip hop track. 'Time Warp' tells a story of an all-encompassing love and desire that knows no boundaries of time or place, which is perfectly relayed through Crash Land 's voice. With such impressive flow and writing, along with great music, we can only assume that big things are in his future.