Drive: The Soundtrack

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My new favorite movie at the moment is Drive! Having a film degree - a masters in Film Theory (very sexy) - I actually dont like most movies because, well, I'm a snob and I'm a lot smarter than the average film watcher....yeah.....I said it!!

Now having a job in the music industry - music being my first love - the two industries constantly collide. My boss mixed the soundtrack for The Social Network, and is currently mixing the soundtrack for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Trent Reznor's most recent masterpiece - and yes - it's fucking awesome!! So when I see a great film like Drive, and the soundtrack is as awesome as what I am seeing - I am a happy girl!

My only criticism is this - Cliff Martinez needs to stop stealing the "Social Network" sound from Trent!! At one point in the film, I actually thought I was hearing something from The Social Network....and I heard that music a thousand times when it was being mixed. However, I love that he was inspired by ’80s-style, synth-pop, and it makes the film that much more compelling!

Check out some of the tracks below - and go see the movie! And guys - I know Ryan Gosling is in the film and it makes you think that this movie is not for you - but you are is straight gangster with blood and people getting shot and even some boobies!! Not a chick flick!!