Tonight: A B & The Sea @ Bootleg

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Like any other city - San Francisco has one hell of a music scene - but most people outside of the bay area have no idea how good it is. I happen to spend a lot of time there and work with many of the SF area bands because I manage one of them - so I have been able to really see how great the scene actually is. A B & The Sea is one of the most talked about up and coming bay area bands - and they play tonight in Los Angeles @ The Bootleg.

Their sound has been described as a modern day Beach Boys meets The Beatles - so if your into that Californian surf soud with happy rock undertones, this will be the show for you. I have actually never seen them live - I have only heard their music and done a bit of the partying after hours style - so I am pretty stoked to check out the show! They play early - 9pm - followed by Olin & The Moon and then Chamberlin.