Tonight: Unknown Mortal Orchestra @ Popscene - San Francisco

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Now that tour is over, I can get back to seeing some great new music! Not that I dont love The Hundred Days and Art Vs Science, and I will miss being on the road with them - but I have to say that this time around, I couldn't wait to get home! Now I am hangin out in San Francisco with the parents, and tonight I get to see something new!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra are playing Popscene - my very favorite club night in San Francisco. I have been on the fence with this band - I cant quite put my finger on what I like or dont like, but I can say I don't love it! In this kind of situation, for me, the live show is the make or break point.... If they are amazing live, then I will most likely become a fan. But if they suck, I will never mention them again.