New Music: Gauntlet Hair

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The other night, I had one of those nights....the ones that I wish were every night!  I went to see Unknown Mortal Orchestra - who I had been on the fence about.  I knew if I saw them live I would totally get the whole picture behind the band, and I am happy to say that they were great, and yes, I am now a fan!  The other thing that happened - something that almost never happens, but when it does it pretty much makes the night the best ever - the opening band was equally amazing!  

Gauntlet Hair killed that opening slot - totally made it their bitch! It was awesome! Looks like they are based out of Denver at the moment - rather odd....not too much comes out of that part of the world recently, which makes them even cooler! I checked out their self titled album which was released this year - it's great. It has a cool drowny vocal vibe, like Echo & The Bunny Men with indie goodness fuzzy guitars with heavy bass out front - if you like Bear In Heaven you will digg Gauntlet Hair.

Gauntlet Hair by MindTai