Happy New Year! Is Tropical - Mix Tape HOUSEPARTY 005

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This one goes out to my British boyfriend whom I miss very much and I hope is New Years in London will be as fun as my New Years in Los Angeles!

Now New Years is a "Holiday" I can get behind. I think I like all holidays that really should not be holidays - like Halloween - but for New Years Americans actually get off work! Awesome! And there are bottles and bottles of champagne to be consumed - which is always a bonus because it's my most favorite alochalic beverage. And you can actually start your life over - quit somking, diet, exercise, no more blow - things of that nature.

The last night of the year does have its downfalls - it is one of the amateur drinking nights - so I am not too excited to have to deal with all the douche bags that will be wondering around LA binge drinking and touching my hair, or asking my name 10 times, breathing alcohol breath in my face, telling me how blue my eyes are, or that I have nice teath, or that I should hula hoop......this happens!

But hay - Is Tropical gave us another Mix Tape that you can enjoy for your New Years party, and you can download it for free! Thanks again Is Tropical!

Flowers (Gross Magic remix) - TEETH!!!
Mellow D - Hemingway
Everything Goes My Way (Ewan Pearson remix) - Metronomy
True Romance (Cassian remix) - Citizens!
Another Sky - The Magician remix
I'll Take Care Of You (Mighty Mouse Not So Official Edit Type Thingy) - Gill Scott Heron
Hello.jpg - LOGO
Pharaohs - SBTRKT
Morning Light - Vanguard
Boy Trouble - Benoit & Sergio
Temptation - The Limousines
'Track 1 off the EP they gave us in Boston' - Karate
Summon The Sound (Purity Ring remix) - S.C.U.M.
Colours (Xaphoon Jones remix) - Grouplove