New Find: Grafton Primary

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AUSTRALIA!!! Jesus....can the music coming out of that country be any better? Over 1/2 my posts these days are about Australian bands, and each time I come across a new one I fall in love all over again! I think I should just listen to Australian bands because there's shit coming out of LA, and Brooklyn is tired...but Australia is on fire!!

Grafton Primary is from Sydney and I stumbled upon them late last night while I was working on some art. There last album came out a few years back, but it looks like they have something new in the mix and we should be hearing new tunes very shortly. Their sound mixes crunchy distorted indie dance rock with 80s goodness...lots of keys and the vocals mirror Peter it!!

Really looking forward to some new music from Grafton Primary - and I hope to see them in the states soon!

The Eagle by Grafton Primary