Tonight - Airborne Toxic Event @ The Satellite

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One of my favorite things about living in LA is the big band playing small club events that happen within this beautiful city! Granted, Airborne Toxic Event are from LA, and it was only a few short years ago that they were having their Spaceland Residency - which was insane!! However, I am excited to see this show tonight and hear their new songs live. They are having a series of small club LA shows (like Foo Fighters did a few months back) for the next 5 nights - which are all sold out. Tonight is the kickoff night at The Satellite with Walking Sleep - who I have not been too impressed with this month at their Satellite Residency. I would say come down and check it out, but the likely hood of getting into this show is slim to none! I am sure there will be youtube video up soon! Cheers!