Dead Snares

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City Sparks - Dead Snares by beautifulbuzzz

In honor of my dear friend Jeff Cain being in town, here is a track from his latest project Dead Snares called City Sparks.

I first began listening to Jeff's music as a teenager - he played guitar in one of my all time favorite bands, Remy Zero . I used to spend hours upon hours listening to Villa Elaine and The Golden Hum blast through my headphones - I mean what ackward teenage music dork girl with an abondance of angst would not love a band who toured with Radiohead on the Bends tour before they even released their first album?? That was Remy Zero!

Dead Snares is just as amazing to me now, and yes, I have even spent hours and hours of headphones time listening to the new Dead Snares album - called Speak The Language. Some things never change! Over the past year I have had the honor and privilige of working with both Remy Zero and Dead Snares, and sometimes I wonder how I have been so lucky.....