Tonight - Brother (UK) @ The Satellite

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Adorable britts in a band = HEAVEN = BROTHER

Rock'n'roll doesn't have to be all about the shock of the new. Arguably, it should be, but it's hardly essential for enjoyment. You'll hate Brother if you believe that rock doesn't count unless it involves new sounds and sensations, but you'll love them if you accept that you can experience something "old" and it can feel like the first time, especially if you've just necked a bunch of pharmaceuticals and a load of beer.

Brother are four boys from Slough who, like Kasabian and the Bluetones before them, are basically displaced Mancunians. Brother? Sounds a bit like Big Brother, Oasis' vanity label, doesn't it? It's probably no coincidence that Brother's music isn't far removed from that of Oasis, and that, if you squint at their promotional photos, you could be looking at the cast of Oasis: The Movie. They call what they do "gritpop", which is corny but neat. It's the rougher, rawer end of Britpop revisited. - Gardian UK