Art Vs Science - Remix Wednesday

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My darling friends from Australia - Art Vs Science - have been my number one listening choice ever since SXSW, where they made my head explode with joy! As if that wasnt enough - they came to LA a few days later where I joined them for a full set at Bootleg Theater, and realized that the reason I work like a slave in this very unforgiving business of Music is because of bands like Art Vs Science. Three of the sweetest boys you would ever want to meet....and pretty easy on the eyes if I do say so myself....and they will destroy any stage they set foot on! Here are 2 Remixes from Art Vs Science for this Remix Wednesday - as well as the videos for the original songs.

Magic Fountain (Royalston Drumstep Remix) - Art Vs Science by beautifulbuzzz

Parlez Vous Francias (Lee Mortimer Remix) - Art Vs Science by beautifulbuzzz