BRAHMS - New Remix

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It's Monday - and it has not been going well! However, I have come across a few things that have managed to brighten up my day, and one of them is a new remix from BRAHMS.

To name your band after a towering figure of the romantic period takes balls. So does playing your first show to over 2000 people. But as the decade ticked over and clean slates were needed, Eric Lodwick, Cale Parks & Drew Robinson seized the chance to create their own context. Loosening the ties on past projects, they dug deep into the winter in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to emerge fully formed as BRAHMS (capitalization intentional), calling on musical ghosts and traces, crafting songs that echo evocatively from early childhood down to now, focussing on development and creating something that is truly their own.

Amazing live band!! They are currently working on a new album!! Can't wait to see them again!

Your Moon (BRAHMS remix) by Sun Airway