Listening & Loving: Jimmy Eat World - Clarity

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I was working in a little hole-in-the-wall record store in Oceanside, CA circa 1999. It was called Music Trader, and it was so chill I didn't even ware shoes to work. The bar a few doors down in the strip mall used to bring us pitchers of beer in exchange for used CD's, and I would sit with any number of the male employees (I was the only girl), drink beer, smoke cigs, and totally geek out about music!

In 1999, Jimmy Eat World released their second album called Clarity. We had already been fans of Jimmy Eat World - they had been around in the indie world for some time. Their first album was called Static Prevails, which we all loved, and we all embraced their moving up to major label status because, well....the music was just too fucking good not to like!

For me, Clarity is Jimmy Eat Worlds swan song - it is here that they are at their best. We would all lay on the floor of that little record shop by the beach and blast this record, close our eyes, and take it all in. This record is imprinted in my DNA now....and every time I revisit, it takes me back to those lazy days of cheap bear, used CDs, the smell of vinyl, and some pretty amazing friends.

The album is sonically perfect from start to finish - here are the first two songs, now it's your responsibility to listen to the rest!

Table For Glasses - Jimmy Eat World by beautifulbuzzz

Lucky Denver Mint - Jimmy Eat World by beautifulbuzzz