Tonight: Grouplove @ The Satellite

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I have not seen this local LA band yet - I am a busy girl and I just never got around to it. The buzz is everywhere about this group tho, and tonight I will finally get to see what the hype is all about!

The mambers of Grouplove come from all over the globe - New York, London, and Los Angeles - and they all met in Greece...but now call LA their home. I hear them on KCRW, I've seen the video - it's cute! But that is my overall impression so far - oh how cute.....and there is even a band romance - oh how cute! But, they have a big fancy record deal, and these days that says a lot - so I'm gonna check it out tonight. The show is sold out, but there always seems to be a few tickets available at the door.....

Grouplove - Colours by KROQ