New Video: Art Vs Science

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Well, here they are again!! Art Vs Science has released another piece of adventurous and entertaining cinema. Their new video for "Higher" has the aussie lads as secret agents skydiving down to a rather fancy party, and fighting evil monsters that can only be seen through their special sunglasses. It's cute - I can't help it - I am a sucker for anything Art Vs Science does - I am just a nerdy nerdy fan! They have a nack of turning on the boyish charm without going over the top - you want them to win....they are winning!! I can't imagine Dan, Dan , and Jim actually doing this - the thought of them beating up big burily bodyguards with their kung fu moves makes me laugh because it is really so far from the truth, but that is why it is so fun to watch! Nice job boys!!

BTW - there are new US dates announced!! They will be hitting some major cities, and then doing the West Coast with The Hundred Days in August....which is going to be nuts!!! Check the web sites for updates!!