Songs From The Car: 30 Seconds To Mars

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So I have a car that my brother gave me, because living in LA without a car sucks and I did it for almost 2 years - so thank you brother - I love my car!! However, I can only listen to the radio in my car, and as we all know - the radio blows!! All I hear is Red Hot Chili Peppers!! So annoying!

Once in a while though, you hear a song that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs to epic portions, and that happened on my way home tonight as I drove through the city - it was quite a Batman descending into Gotham movie trailer moment!! As I have already admitted and will continue to do so, 30 Seconds To Mars is my all time favorite guilty pleasure band! I love them - I love Jared Leto - they write and record epic songs that sond pretty - and they are hot!!

Tonight as I took 4th street through my georgeous city "Kings And Queens" was played on KROQ - and my spirit was soaring!! For real - I felt totally epic, like I ruled the world!! Then when I get home to watch the video, I discover it was also filmed in downtown LA which then - oh man - it was like everything was right and good in the world - and I even got goosebumps!!!

It's a beautiful video and song, and you even get to see the 4th street bridge and my neighborhood! Thank you Los Angeles for being so inspiring, and thank you 30 Seconds To Mars for continuing to be epic, even though all my friends think your fags - and for making me want to describe something as "epic" so many times!