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I have been a huge fan of this band forever. I was working at a record store in St. Louis, MO back in 2004 - and a promo of their frist album, "Pretend You're Alive" showed up in the mail - and I was like - who the fuck is Lovedrug??

I decided to have a listen, and I instently fell in love. Usually not my thing, but Michael Shepard has such a distinctive voice, and it's so different than anything out there at the time I just couldn't help myself. I soon left St. Louis, around the time "Pretend You're Alive" was released on July 27, 2004, but I took that promo with me and it became part of my regular rotation.

I moved to Europe in 2005 - to Prague - to go to school and to get out of a long term relationship that was turning bad, and "Pretend You're Alive" was an album I listened to almost every day. I would walk through the snow covered streets of that amazing city with my ear buds in and my iPod blasting, and Lovedrug would make everything feel perfect.

When I moved back to the states, I took an internship position at The Militia Group (even though I had already worked at a major label) simply because Lovedrug was on that label. I eventually was able to see the band live, and they pretty much brought me to tears. Their music came to me during one of the most tumultuous times of my life, as well as the most inspiring and life changing, so hearing the songs live brought about extreme emotions and a few little tears of joy.

Lovedrug will be releasing their new album on their own - who knows if they left The Malitia Group or if they were dropped - none the less they need your help! Like so many other bands these days, they are reaching out to their fans for support, and if you like what you hear you can help to by going HERE to make a pledge and receive a pretty gift in return!

Check out the new video!! I also posted some amazing tracks - so please listen because they are really great. I don't feel this strongly about many bands, but Lovedrug will always be a part of my life! Thanks Lovedrug for being awesome!

Pretend you're alive by Ryan Johns

Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover) by Lovedrug