New Music: Princeton - Remembrance Of Things To Come

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Just when I was starting to think Los Angeles was becoming a wasteland of mediocre bands trying to live off the Silverlake glory years of the middle 2000's - enter Princeton . Don't get me wrong here, there are a slew of great bands in LA right now...but that buzzing energy where the industry is focused on one area is missing. It will come back again....someday! Princeton has been around through it all, and now they are getting ready to release a new album that may just be their swan song!

KCRW premiered their new track "Remembrance Of Things To Come" last week as song of the day, and they are currently in the middle of their Los Angeles Monday night residency at Bootleg Bar - which I am going to check out tonight! Album by the same title is out February 21! Good day to get some new music!