Remix: Capital Cities - Safe and Sound (DiscoTech Remix)

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Capital Cities are starting to make a name for themselves in Los Angeles. I love their single "Safe and Sound" and I have been very interested is seeing what their live show is like....I have yet to make it out to one of their events....they seem to play a lot toward the west side of Los Angeles, and I hate going west....once I get west of the 101 and get into Hollywood I tend to freak out a bit...too many douchebags (who I am sure say the same thing about us over here on the east side).

This month Capital Cities are 89.7 residency band (which this month last year is was Vanaprasta) which is a very cool thing. They are going the rout of releasing singles instead of an album...sometimes it works, sometimes it dosn't, but I always wish the best for any band trying to make it in this crule and unbearable time of the music indistry! Here is a new remix of their single "Safe and Sound" by Disco Tech!

Safe and Sound (DiscoTech Remix) by Capital Cities