Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love

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OK.....I can admit I was wrong! I am very good at owning up to occasionally being quick to judge and trashing something - espically when it comes to music because I am a snob! I own that too! A few months back I posted a song and video by Ed Sheeran - a sweet little red head singer/songwriter from London.....and I have to say, I was not very nice to him.

Since then, I have actually heard a few songs of his here and there...and I decided to listen again, and I mean really listen. Now, I am not a fan of singer / songwriters at all. Most of the time I am just bored to tears listing to some guy wine about love and heart played out! However.....there are some who are just so great that it's impossible not to love them! Ed Sheeran has just become that for me...right up there with Ryan Adams and Jeff Buckley! I think he is amazing - he has balls and confidence and passion!! This song - "Give Me Love" - just ruined me!! I also included a live acoustic video....

I'm sorry Ed - I was too quick to judge and think you were just another guy with a guitar. You're're amazing!!

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