New Video: Howler - Back Of Your Neck

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It's hard to believe Howler is from Minneapolis. They are so obviously from the UK - I mean come on! We like this though - we like rock bands from the UK - and it's no wonder that they are killing it in jolly old England at the moment. But no....Minnesota has just produced the "next big thing" and they are bursting at the seams!

Howler is about to release their debut album on Rough Trade called "America Give Up" on January 16 (EU/UK) and January 17 (US), and I do believe it's going to make boys want to play guitar and girls cry. No gimmicks here - just a rock and roll band with pretty young men and a lot of heart. This is their latest video released last month for their "Back Of Your Neck" single - which you can download for free on their website/facebook page!