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Anyone in the mood for some really fuckin awesome happy music??   I'm in a mood this morning, I feel like being bouncy and happy, and listeing to another song about California, because there are clearly not enough songs about California, but I live here so I understand....

My friends A B & The Sea have just released their new single "California Feeling" produced by Wallpaper. - it's a sunny pop gem that can turn any grey sky bright, I mean I can literally feel the sun on my face when I listen.   Nothing edgy here kids - but that's OK because it's not trying to be, it's simple and fun and people eat this shit up, in a good way.   I love these guys, they have a lot of heart and are as sweet as pie, and are so cute...deliciously cute...I just want to eat them up!!

There is a west coast tour happening, and California summer is right around the corner so it's perfect timing!!

May 03 - Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA
May 04 - Backspace Cafe - Portland, OR
May 05 - Tractor Travern - Seattle, WA
May 06 - WOW Hall - Eugene, OR
May 07 - Harlow's - Sacramento, CA
May 09 - Bootleg Bar - Los Angeles, CA
May 10 - Detroit Bar - Costa Mesa, CA
May 11 - Velvet Jones - Santa Barbara, CA
May 12 - Tin Can Ale House - San Diego, CA
May 13 - Central - Santa Monica, CA