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Oh this band....swoon!!   Perfect example of how a live show can change an opinion about a band! Before SXSW 2011 I was not a huge fan of Barcelona.   Then through the powers the be, I booked them for my Sea Now! showcase during SXSW, and they were just amazing!!   Ever since then I have been a huge fan!

They have a new record coming out on May 8th - and they will be posting a new song a week up until that date - the first one being "Slipping Away" and I have just listened to it like 10 times in a row.   I love the haunting feeling, and it has a constant groove which I always love because it makes things sexy, I want to get lost in this song!   For some reason I keep thinking Iggy Pop....fucking amazing!!

Barcelona are true DIY - please buy this record on May 8th and suport DIY artists - they are going broke to make you happy!!