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This band is going to be one of your favorite bands of 2013 - that's a promise!  If you are not in love with Nightmare Air by the end of this video then you really have a problem recognizing great music and you probably shouldn't be reading this blog!  They come from LA and they are the loudest band I have ever heard, and I love it!!  In 2012 Nightmare Air took the stage at the my SXSW showcase for their first live show ever.... bananas!!  Now they are 1/2 way through a sold out West Coast tour with Airborne Toxic Event and have released an amazing debut record a few weeks back called High In The Lasers via Saint Marie Records.  

Nightmare Air's new video for "Icy Daggers" reminds me of what life is like living within the music community in Los Angeles - not so much the part about setting things on fire - and for the first time since my move to the bay area, I actually kinda missed my old LA life!  Let's talk cameos as well, in this video you can catch glimpses of Marc Sallis of The Duke Spirit, Travis Shettle of Piebald, and Brian Aubert from Silversun Pickups - I think I have actually been to this party!  The song is great, the video is great, and I am so stoked for my friends in Nightmare Air - so go buy their record on iTunes HERE!  They will be playing the bay area next Thursday at the Warfield - but the show is sold out so you may be able to find tickets on craigslist or outside the venue, just don't play over face value because scalpers suck!