Erin MaherComment

Many months ago I decided to move Beautiful Buzzz and all its glory up to the bay area for a myriad of reasons - but mostly because San Francisco was calling and it was time to respond.  Los Angeles had been my home for the past 8 years and I had such a blast running around in the music scene on the east side, and the bands I worked with and became friends with are still dear to my heart.  

I first met Royal Canoe in Los Angeles at The Satellite during my going away party.  They were on the bill with my amazing friends The Californian, and that night you could say I was drinking just a bit....only a little.  Perched in my usual spot at the back bar, I hear this incredible music coming from the downstairs room and immediately got up and left all my friends to check out the band.  I was totally blown away!  It is a rare thing that a band I have never heard of could leave such a great impression on me.  After their set I stumbled up to them and introduced myself, most likely went on and on about how great I thought they were, then I found out they were Canadian and I love Canadians, so I told them they must play my SXSW showcase.  A few weeks later I received an email from their beautiful manager, and BAM!  Royal Canoe....booked!

Scheduling a 4 day and night SXSW event with over 100 bands is really hard, and Royal Canoe played pretty early in the day on that amazing Friday line-up, and when singer Matt Peters came strolling down the hallway I was so sidetracked over the kick drum head that had just broke and trying to sort out that issue I didn't even recognize him.  Eventually I got it together and was over the moon about seeing my new friends again.  There was a common theme of ginger frontmen this year too which is always OK with me!  Unfortunately I did not get to see much of their set because running the showcase was keeping me pretty busy, but I could hear the music ..... and it still had the same effect over me.  Royal Canoe are one of the most original sounding and thought provoking bands I have been exposed to in years, they are so fucking amazing that I have a hard time putting it into words.  

Check out their new single "Today We're Believers" - it's amazing!  Their album comes out June 25 via our friends at Roll Call Records - can't wait for that!