Erin MaherComment

This year I had the most amazing assistant producer for the Beautiful Buzzz SXSW showcase.  Not only is Christine brilliant, orgnized, and as hard working as I am, but she has incredible taste in music that mirrors mine, and together we were able to produce one hell of a party with a line-up that, in my opinion, was the best at SXSW this year!  

So when she came to me with this band called Duologue and said we had to book them, I already knew I would love them, and it turns out they have become one of my favorite new bands.  It was bit of a battle to get them booked on the showcase, but when we finally had them confirmed, Christine and I were stoked and were so looking forward to seeing their live set.  

Of course, they were amazing!  I pretty much melted when they played popular single "Push It" - such a powerful song!  We don't know much about Duologue over here in the states - this SXSW was their first time playing in the US and our ears are just now being exposed to this British bunch.  After their set the guys stuck around for a while to drink my beer and bro out a bit - which so many of the bands did..... such a great vibe at that venue and I love that we are able to create a space where bands feel comfortable and can enjoy themselves.  When they left all 5 Duologue members gave me a group hug, and I disclosed that a British man sandwich is way better than a man sandwich!      

Duologue are incredible - get into this band immediately!  Draper put his remix of "Zeros" by Duologue online for your listening pleasure - so enjoy!  And thank you Christine, my soul sista, for being amazing and turning me onto Duologue!