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Aahhhh - my boys are at it once again!  Lovelife is like a machine of music making madness!  This London based band are releasing one amazing track after another, and producing some awesome remixes to boot.  The love I have for Lovelife is no secret, the world knows this is my favorite band, and they are just little angels sent straight from heaven.  If I had to pick my greatest moment from SXSW - it would be when Lovelife walked into my life!

Number 1 band at the top of my SXSW wishlist was Lovelife - and when I first reached out to them about playing my SXSW showcase, their management said they did not have plans on coming to Austin.  This made me sad of course, but I figured I would catch up with them another time.  In true SXSW nature, that all changed and many weeks later they were booked on the Beautiful Buzzz showcase.  The anticipation in my heart for that Saturday set was crazy - I almost felt like a 12 year old girl at a New Kids On The Block concert (because that actually happened).  You see, even though I have worked in the music industry for many many years and can be considered a professional, at the core I am just a nerdy music fan!  I love music and I love the people who make music, and when I find something to nerd out over, I totally get my nerd on!!  I don't think you can work in this industry and not have that kind of passion.

When Lovelife arrived it was all hugs and kisses, and they seemed truly excited to be there.  My little venue was alive during their set, the place was packed and people were dancing.  Never for one moment did I think their live set would not deliver, but having never seen Lovelife live before, I really didn't know what to expect.  Well, they fucking deliver - it was everything I knew it wold be and more.  Not very often in my life do I swoon, but when front man Lee Newell gave a shout out, thanking me for everything and saying if it was not for me they would not be here, I may have swooned a little.  I mean, how often does it happen that your favorite band gives you a shout out like that....right??  Afterwards we took pickle back shots and bro'd out - they are awesome people and truly one of the best indie pop bands out there!      

Lovelife has remixed "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons - and you can grab it as a free download.  Lovelife are going to be on tour in May and will have a bay area show - details on that are coming soon!