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Every now and then I open an email that on a normal day I would most likely delete - it's true that I don't listen to every track that is submitted to me, but let's face the facts - I am just one girl with a deep passion and two full time jobs. Opening every email and spending the time to listen to every track is impossible. But on days like today, where I have found just a few extra minutes between sending emails, phone calls with agents, artwork, and booking shows, I open one of these submissions and hope I find a diamond in the rough! Happened! Ben Phipps is a deep house producer from Sweden and he's caught my attention with his new tack "Sleep Alone ft. Ashe." This is tropical dance house deliciousness - w/o out the sax solo (thanks for that)! And hello .... he's pretty dreamy - what a babe! Ben Phipps is a cool new find, I'll be keeping my ear on this one! Grab a free download HERE