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Papa Ya isn't new to our BB pages, we've featured their fun loving originals "Sunny" and "Outta Here" which have both put up phenomenal streaming numbers, and really put the project on the map. Well today they're back but this time with a new Papa Ya remix. Sam Martin's bluesy original "Bring Me Home" gets a faster tempo and perky update with this remix morphing the original into Papa Ya's signature hybrid of tropical, electronic and pop. Synth and piano stabs, lead the way while the chorus fills in with a hornlike synth melody that's just all too catchy. This record is a perfect fit to re-energize the waning days of summer.  



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Janelle Kroll has been crushing it lately. "Barricade" was a really cool tune with such an infectious wave of a melody on the lyric "Barricade" that just makes you smile. So I was pretty excited when I got sent another Tyzo Bloom remix of Janelle ripe for our ears. This remix starts rather ethereal with child like bells and piano whisking us away as we're launched into the familiar tropical marimba tones on top of bobbing sub. Tyzo makes ample use of vocal warps throughout the remix that sound not too distant from whistles. The original was light, even jovial and Tyzo has simply enhanced those feelings while making us feel warm inside.


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Jersey's own Mike Gazzo is back again with a track that is 100% perfect for the summer vibes we're surrounded by. "Waterfall" is an endearing tune that is laid back and relaxing sped along by a heavy dose of ukulele that's present throughout. I could call this tropical, but it's a bit more than that. The vocal chops really define the chorus, and add a level of smirk to the tune that further solidify the good vibes. You can add this to your best summer Spotify playlist here.


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Iowa City's Kyle Stern better known creatively as Attom has been crushing it the last couple years with awesome tunes like originals "Cruise" and the amazing "Afterglow" that shot up the hypem charts. Today he sent over his remix of Steve Aoki's smash hit "Just Hold On" and I thought it was the perfect ethereal soundscape to bring us out of winter and ease us into spring. He layers on elements of tropical xylophones, chimes and warm pads all equating to a musical deep breath of fresh air. I'm sure there's much more for us coming soon from this camp until then we can enjoy this fresh take on the original. You can also get this on your favorite digital musical retailer here.


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Instant Karma has been making waves since their first release just a year ago. I really loved their "Flor - Unsaid" remix a while back and was excited when they sent me their latest an upbeat tropical infused rework of "Plans" from two BB regulars: Elephante and the workhorse Brandyn Burnette. The original was a joy to listen to check out our review here, but lets talk about what the bright good vibes duo has done for their remix. Using marimba-esque stabs they have built a lush tropical soundscape full of wandering airy arps supporting Brandyn's vocals. We're quickly lead to a bobbing halftime chorus chock full of fun melodies and vox chops. The record grooves along with such upbeat sweetness that it ends a quick 4 min later and I'm clamoring to hit play again. This one is ready to export you back into the rays of summer, you can also download this for free here.   


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Some people may have contrary opinions, but I personally love the trend of vocalist cover remixes of hit tracks. It has the ability to re-energize a sometimes overplayed radio tune and showcase some rising talent. This is just the case here with A&G's remix of Veronica's cover of Drake's "Too Good." This tropical jam may be hitting your ears with snow coming down outside, but regardless it should take you away to a bright and sunny place. Andrew and Gino (aka A&G) are definitely infusing their hometown of Miami into this piano laden bobbing record full of upbeat stabs, fun melodies and a grooving vox chop chorus that's going to sweep you off to that far away beach. Veronica's cover (found here) showcases her sweet take on the original and this remix definitely expands on that foundation. You can stream on Spotify here and download for free here.



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It's Monday morning and foggy in SF - but I'm not letting that get me down! Today I feel like I could take over the world because the positive vibes are fierce, and I've just found the perfect track for my current mood that I think will get you guys feeling oh-so-niiiice! UK deep house producer Calper has given us a fantastic new track filled with sunshine tropical feels with "Crossroads ft. Mark Asari." It's really the perfect pick-me-up jam with all the warm and fuzzies with serious dance floor beats. You guys can stream or download HERE


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Well lookie lookie what we have here! In what feels like a short 4 months ago I did a little review of this pool splashin' single "Outta Here" from newcomers Papa Ya. Raking up a cool 779k plays on Soundcloud, I couldn't wait to hear their next installment. Flash forward to today I've been graciously given the opportunity to premiere their next soon-to-be-hit single "Sunny." Oh man, I know Halloween is right around the corner, but this new single is very much still keeping the summer heat alive! A bumpin' bass line and snaps appropriately start this upbeat jam leading us to Nate's vocals. The chorus lyrics perfectly exemplify the spritely instrumental, "Rollin' in deep got my girls with me, party gonna start when we step out the limousine," as they chant, "Woah Oh came for the hunnies...Drink till we're Sunny!" The dance chorus has a goofy bending synth line that's so infectious you can't help but smirk and tap your toes. This duo is fully ready to blow the top off of your pool party, and I don't care what the temperature is outside. Now I just need to see the music video and all will be complete. Grab this bright and shiny single as a FREE DOWNLOAD and promptly insert into all your pool party playlists.


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Who's having a rad weekend in Amsterdam at ADE? I keep seeing social updates of people raving - I'm a little jelly to be honest. I'm moving into a new apartment this weekend, so pretty much the complete opposite of raving in Amsterdam. At least I can play sweet dance jams while I unpack and imagine I'm sipping cocktails while hanging with homies. This new Luca Schreiner track "Time Is Up" is giving me all the feels of being on that dance floor! This 21 year old German producer hands us a deep house record that just grooves. With light tropical vibes and Mick Fouse crushing on vocals - this uplifting dance track will have you feeling fabulous! Get into this one kids!